Mortgage Lending

What Private Lending Means to You...

As A Buyer

  • All types of properties in Washington State can be purchased 
  • Credit score is not as important
  • Easier underwriting / less documentation
  • Bankrupticies and other issues examined on a case by case basis
  • Loan to value is the important issue
  • 50-80% LTV's

As a Lender

  • A secure regional real estate based receivable (MLO is licensed for WA state only)
  • You choose your loan scenario
  • You drive the transaction for terms and type of property
  • Title insurance is provided just as a bank financed loan
  • All pertinent information is gathered by Dayspring Financial Solutions
  • Loan or contract is delivered to you at NO COST
  • Escrow is serviced locally
  • Lender listed on Hazard Insurance policy
  • Receive 8-10% on your invested dollars
  • We assist if borrowers need to be contacted
  • You just collect the payments

Private Lending Scenario:

  • Buyer submits application, Form 1003
  • Property is selected
  • Buyer's case is presented anonymously to lender
  • Lender approves lending scenario, buyer and property
  • Funding occurs
  • Simplicity in Lending!

Loans & Contracts Available

MB 77201 *** MLO 113954

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